Smartphones are changing lives in Africa

The recent pace of economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa has undeniably been of enormous benefit to the continent Countries such as Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, and Nigeria have profited from high levels of foreign investment and commodity exports, enabling them to invest in much-needed infrastructure. While this has certainly led to societal transformations, it has also […]

Will Africa be digitally relevant in the next 10 years ?

By 2025, jobs which were common place in 2015 will no longer exist. Students graduating in 2016, will have obsolete qualifications for which there will no longer be a profession by 2025. Front-line military personnel will be replaced with robots Private bankers and wealth managers will be replaced with algorithms Telemarketers, data entry capturers, tax […]

Facebook launches Agency Ambassador programme for Africa

First ambassadors to lead digital training and skills development for peers Facebook has launched an Agency Ambassador Programme for Africa as part of its drive to equip its agency partners with the skills and information they need to make the most of Facebook as a marketing and advertising platform. Agency Ambassadors have a direct line to […]